Nate The Surveyor

I'm first a Christian, Second a Husband, 3rd a Dad, and Forth a Surveyor. But in the doing of life, I do it all.
Surveyors are always re-purposing other inventions, for surveying.
Wire to hold livestock, was cut up, bent up, and indexed. PRESTO! Surveyor's chain!
Ships Compass, removed from ship, Ball joint installed, Jacobs Staff added, and, we now have a Rittenhouse Compass.
Then, the wire was flattened, and hardened, and embossed with feet, (Or chains) now it's a survey tape.
Then, the Theodolite, was a fancy Transit.
Then, the EDM was added.
Then, combined into a single inst. TOTAL STATION!
Then, GPS, L1 GPS, at night, huge batteries, and huge boxes.
Then, GPS L1, small box, automated. Locus etc.
Then, GPS L1, L2, and eventually RTK. Separate Data collector.
Then, The Javad LS re-invented surveying. What's next?
Simplified interface, Voice Commands, and maybe a Drone, to bring us fine high resolution photos of Job Sites.
Next, a laser on the drone, to mark the spot....
So long as the coffee pot has coffee, things are gonna happen!
Good Day, my good friends, Comrades, and fellow earth navigators!
SW Arkansas, USA, Planet Earth
Cobbling everything together, to make it happen.


I am a kid in the candy store!




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