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    Static IP on phone or router?

    Where can I get more information on J-Cors Shawn? Thx
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    Let's discusses J-Tip

    That is a pretty good cross section of locators Nate, well thought out as usual. Thanks. In favor of less weight scrambling up slopes I have thought a bit about this and am wondering if anyone has experience using the pocket sized Garret-Pro pointer for survey applications? I have been tempted...
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    What concept would fit better for your applications?

    I find this question valuable. I have to say that the thing that initially caught my attention with the Javad form back in 2014 was the all in one unit, it's uniqueness, and I am glad I tried it and think it is far superior to the 1990's operating form of a separate controller for reasons...
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    Well, that didn't last long [R.I.P. clippy strap]

    Exactly! I was eyeing this strap nervous about just that problem. Thanks for posting this Eric.
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    Victor Fixed ??

    Thank you Matt.
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    Victor Fixed ??

    I'd like to follow up on this and hopefully Paul can get an answer that helps with his unit. I worked with this for him by Rams 2 days ago and I agree with Shawn it appears the incorrect firmware is installed. We did not change this because he recalled that Mat Johnson worked with him...
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    Victor LS

    This is good news.
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    What to do with retired T-2's?

    just use it with an andriod and Javad mobile app
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    What to do with retired T-2's?

    so you could add a mount to your survey car, the uses are multi, .....topo on busy traveled highway lanes, trajectory survey on my way to an end of road survey in mountains so I find way back in dark, park and survey autonomous base (with radio), or just have in my pack as backup base in event...
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    The round table

    just another perspective...
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    The round table

    one time years ago when I was a struggling part chief working in frozen Michigan winter I encountered a fellow on a dozer I was setting stakes for and on my comment about my frozen feet in cheap boots led him to mention his $3oo boots and toasty feet, with a smile, he said ya know, I'd spend...
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    Setting up a permanent base

    Can't touch this.
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    Setting up a permanent base

    And if for some reason I do need to use optical methods on a site I just tried GNSS and it not ideal......I lost nothing on setup overhead
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    Setting up a permanent base

    I also want to add that another potentially unoticed benefit is the huge time savings I get in not setting up a new base every survey. Over time this is hours and hours to my life if not to effeciency and a blow to competition. On local jobs where I might have a couple part day field trips...