1. Jim Frame

    VRS & CMR/CMR+

    In an ongoing effort to get J-Field to record the vector from a VRS physical reference station to the rover (instead of the virtual base to rover), I tried switching from RTCM to CMR/CMR+, but when I do that I don't get any corrections -- all the engines say "no data." Checking the Send GGA (or...
  2. Jim Frame

    VRS RTN Base Position

    I'm demo'ing a VRS subscription for use in an upcoming project in which I hope to use RTN vectors in OPUS Projects via GVX export. In its current form, the J-Field GVX exporter has some problems, and I've been working with John Roscoe in Support on the ones I've identified so far. But I...
  3. S

    Triumph-LS set in vrs mode having trouble connecting to the base network

    I have been using a Triumph-LS set in vrs mode but I am have trouble connecting to the base network. I did have Matt Sibole connect to the system and check my setting while this was happening and he suggested I post it here as a issue.