4g sim or 5g sim

James Suttles

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I went to Verizon to get a sim card for an ls+. They advised they do not have any 4g cards left. Felt costumer service maybe able to order one, imagine that nightmare.

Do we know if a 5g card will work in the ls?.


John Evers

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I recommend you jump on the phone, and call customer support at Verizon.

The "stores" are the least technically competent.

Regarding if the 5g card will work? It is my guess that it would actually perform 4G LTE properly in areas with no 5G. The question is what would it do in locations 5G was available. Possibly if you selected "4G only" on the LS, it would work as expected. There will soon be no fallback to 3G.

Trying would be the only way to know for sure!

Charles Owens

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I went to the Verizon store for help moving my SIM card from my old Jetpack to my LS+. It did not work. The salesman said in needed a new SIM card that was 5G compatible. The new card works fine but I cannot confirm for certain I received a 5G card.