Bluetooth LED

I am using a Victor with the Tracy software to talk to my Triumphs . I have had some trouble maintaining the bluetooth link but now I have a more interesting situation. The Victor is connected to the Triumph but the Bluetooth LED on the Triumph remains red.

Is this due to being in the presence of several other bluetooth devices (phone, computer, watch ...)?

I have tried cycling the power on the receiver and doing a reset on the Victor. The LED remains red. As long as the link remains stable I can live with a red light.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Might be good to clear NVRAM. With receiver off, press and hold FN button then power on. Hold both until all lights turn yellow. You will hear the receiver make a high pitched noise as you hold the buttons in.
Embarrassing but red led was because I forgot I had hooked up the Victor with a serial cable due to the fact that I was tired of losing the Bluetooth link. Have cycled power to the receiver several times and can get the bluetooth link to work for a period (1st try < 2 min, 2nd try 3.5 min. , 3rd try 5.5 min 4th try 1 min. ). Unfortunately I now know what the red led means - Use a serial cable.
Bluetooth was stable over the weekend.
Tried to use bluetooth this afternoon and it disconnected again. Cycled power on the receiver and got 5 minutes before disconnect.