Codes, Pages, and managing my spaghetti

Eric Tweet

Active Member
It looks like codes are a global thing, meaning they show up in all projects. That's mostly great - I like being able to make a code for, say, boundary points once and have it be accessible in the next job. And the ability to export all codes, and create/recall favorites is nice.

However, I'm a heavy user of the ability to import lines from CAD files, and I use "Use Layer as Code" regularly since that's about the best approximation of retaining layers available.

So after several projects worth of imports, I now have a bunch of 'layer' codes. When I make a new job I don't have much use for these layer codes from previous jobs. That becomes a problem when I want to clean up my list of codes. If I delete codes I'm not using in the current job, they get deleted from previous jobs as well. I learned that the hard way. Silver lining is that the entities that were imported with "Use Layer as Code" retain their code even when the code is deleted from the list.

Any suggestions on the best way to deal with this? I'd like 'layer' codes to exist on a per-job basis, but that doesn't seem possible. It also seems a bit annoying to have to do some sort of import/export codes workflow just to preserve old codes in their respective jobs, particularly if I have several ongoing jobs and new point codes are being created at various times. It would be particularly nice to have some option to make a code "temporary" or "for this job only" so they exist in the project, and don't show up in other projects. Something like that anyway...

If we had more pages (please?) to be able to work with, I wouldn't bother coding my lines, and could just bring them in as DefCode on their own page, then could use codes to specify what type of lines they are (once we gain the ability to batch-edit lines in order to change codes.......) within that general grouping that pages facilitate. More available pages would certainly be more layer-like, allowing quick color changes (since code color changes don't update entities which have those codes), quick visibility changes, etc... I frequently fill up all pages, since I often work with lots of design data, multiple plats at once, have different survey types that I want to separate, and so forth. More pages would also allow me to not have to shove all of my plats onto one page, and could localize each one separately...