Data stream ordering error


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I'm trying to help another surveyor with their base setup. They normally use their LS on the DOT network, but they have a Triumph-2 base that hasn't been used for a couple of years. Both units are updated. When I connect the Triumph-2 in the Base/Rover screen, I get a "Data stream ordering error". Does anyone know what this is? Or how to fix it? Thanks!

Steve Hankins

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I have been experiencing this for several months with a standard LS and Triumph 2 as well. I have not been able to figure out a solution to clear this warning, but I can say it seems to have no effect on the quality of data or performance of the both the LS and T2. I hope we both may glean some information on this warning.


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Thank you! It is very helpful to know that whatever is causing the warning hasn't affected the performance of your LS and T2. I briefly tested the setup yesterday, and everything seemed to be working well.

Joe Paulin

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I just updated the firmware on my T-2 to the latest version and I am now getting the same error when connecting to the base in the base setup screen. In my case, the start base button is greyed out, so I am unable to start the base and proceed with a survey. Any help would be appreciated.


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I've seen the "Data Stream Ordering Error" from time to time as well, and I agree with Steve Hankins that it doesn't seem to cause any issues.

As Ron Cloninger said, you can't start the base because you have bogus coordinates for the base position. Follow his instruction and provide a good coordinate (within 30m of the true 3D position).

Also, you should change the UHF configuration settings:
Don't use 440. Use whatever your licensed for (461.025 is a commonly used frequency in the US).
Don't use 0.2 rate. Set it to 1 second
Don't use 25 kHz. Narrowband requires 12.5kHz (which is a shame because you can squeeze more range from 12.5 kHz).

If you are using Galileo and Beidou from the Triumph-2, use RTCM 3.2 MSM Short and D8PSK
If you are using GPS and Glonass only, keep using RTCM 3 Min and DQPSK