Errors in Tilt Accounting on Triumph-1M

Today we checked tilt accounting on 2 GNSS-receivers (Triumph-1m and Triumph-LS).
Results of our measurements are below.
As you can see, Triumph-LS and Triumph-1M was calibrated as Garmin (direction on north was the same).
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It means that calibration on J-field and J-mobile works right. The errors in determination of coordinates in J-Field is near (2 – 10 cm).
But results on Triumph 1M, by using J-Mobile have bigger errors in determination of coordinates (more than 40 cm). Who knows how to solve this problem? Version of firmware Triumph-1M 3.7.7, J-Mobile is 4.3.39beta.


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Yuri Noyanov

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Dear Andrew, it is good you started the item with precise measurements. Could you calibrate two devices and put with the same inclination into the same direction into the same point and record raw file with jps/MR or jps/ma messages. That helps to understand the origin of the difference, if RTK group helps to analyse the data. Corrections from RTK base should be wrapped into the file as well.
Both in JMT and JField please create new projects with the same coordinate system. In JMT please turn on survey debug.
Please repeat the experiment several time with different directions and inclinations.
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