LS and Triumph 1M

Elijah Dodd

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Javad LS Rover and Triumph 1M base for sale. Originally purchased in 2020. Total initial investment $24,480.00. Systems upgraded to support RTPK and all constellations. See detailed list of accessories below. Both base and rover in good working condition. Rover has minor aesthetic dent at the top right side as seen in the attached image.

  1. 1 Javad J Pole Rod Adapter
  2. Range pole Adapter 2 UHF Antennas
  3. 1 pair of tweezers
  4. 1 micro sd card
  5. 2 chargers
  6. 1 Javad J pole
  7. Hard Case for Triumph 1m
  8. Triumph 1M Base (Serial No. 25358)
  9. LS (Serial No. 01033)
Asking price for all of the above is $19,000.00. Ships for free. Please let us know if you have any questions or want to know more about the equipment. Payments will go through escrow.


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