My variety number at 0, I am in open area with 30 satellites

Mark Sherer

New Member
Every shot I take at this job in the open or in a bit of canopy, the Variety stays at 0, this has never happened before, it hasn't changed from 0 since starting this job. What is causing this and what can I do to get it back working correctly? Reset my rover? Shut down base and rover and set up again? Please help


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Phillip Lancaster

Active Member
Expand the picture. Upper left you have 19 sats not used. I'm gonna guess you are on glonass + GPS only. Make sure you're broadcasting the MSM short instead of just RTCM 3.0

Mark Sherer

New Member
It was weird, but I just decided to move over to the fence and try it, and boom the open profile was taking shots within 2 seconds and all was good, now I'm getting between 29 and 31 satellites and it's working correctly, thank you for your response, i could have just been in a weird spot on site