RTN points and Base points problem

Mitchell D Lane

Active Member
Started project with RTN and it went out of service. So I set a base pt with rtn to set base on. In the process I used the incorrect HR for the rtn shot. (the whole reason I found this).
Started the base and used the point I had set with the RTN. The check box "known point was checked". Measured some pts and then went back to the RTN for the rest of the day.
at the end of the day I realized I had messed up the RTN HR when I checked out. No big deal because I can select the filter by base pt which is a very handy filter. The only problem is some of the RTN pts ,if not all, are somehow connected to the base setup which is not good. If i change the HR of the base it changes the RTN pts. Not sure if I had dpos the base if it would shifted the RTN points or not. I left the base running when I switched over to the RTN. Sent the project to support. Copper Orbit RD.