Some wrong

bugra aydogan

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i have victor and triumph1

i use versiyon

versiyon no :2487

instrument name:119383

and i have some problem

1-when i start survey and use the ofset menu, if i push the enter buton, victor stop the working,

2-and unather problem, use the map menu,

i think should be go to point menu in the map,

3-its have video (movie1.mp4)

4-if i use kod menu after then the new job open menu disappears. (movie2.mp4)

5-The warning sound indicating that the measurement has been made sometimes falls below the other warning sounds.

For example, if there is an increase in the number of satellites while measuring, the corresponding warning sound indicates that the measurement is being made, preventing the warning sound.

6-sometimes it works incorrectly while zooming,

wrong approach