Static DPOS - how long to wait?

I'll bet this question has been asked and answered many times in this forum, but my search didn't find it so here it goes again:

When using web DPOS to process .jps static files from my T3, if I process 10 minutes after the session ends, DPOS uses a certain set of base stations in processing. If I wait a day or two, DPOS uses a different combination of base stations to process. I understand that's because some stations don't 'publish' their data for access by DPOS as frequently as others.

Sometimes DPOS processing initiated 10 minutes after the static session yields an overall RMS that's smaller than I get by processing 36 hours after the session ends; and sometimes it's the other way around. Should I assume that the DPOS result with the smaller overall RMS is always the best result, or would the processing after a day or two after the session be the one to use even if the RMS is higher? Thanks again for covering ground that's likely been heavily trod before.