T1 - Satellite icon flashing RYG


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Hello - New to forum.
Just received T1 and it seemed to be running and sat icon all green...
After like 30 min the sat icon changed from green to flashing RYG...
did reset and still flashing.
Let battery die, recharged overnight, power on and seemed to be working for like 10 minutes, then RYG again.
Any advice? Unit has probably been sitting for a while. Received the T1 and a pair of Alpha's in lot of misc from University of Iowa.
Thanks! Dan in Burlington, IA

Phillip Lancaster

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Download netview and modem software from javad.com
download USB driver (same place)
run program and connect T1 via usb
highlight receiver on left then on right hand side there will be an update firmware pull down at the general top of page
update firmware from internet then choose latest.