This website and the screen colors

Harold Dendy

New Member
I have a suggestion for this website. My old eyes have a hard time reading the light green text on a white background.
I suggest changing the title text and all light green text to a darker color to make reading easier!

Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099
What browser are you using Harold? I don't know if this forum's software permits it, but in some circumstances, browser dependent, the web page display can be determined by your browser's Settings; however, I just tried it with Firefox with no affect on the green font color.

If this website isn't the only one that is difficult reading for you, there are some other suggestions on making global settings to your Windows 10 display in the following video:

Harold Dendy

New Member
Windows 10 pro on a desktop pc.
My cell phone on night mode has black background. My apple ipad pro has the same issue with my windows pc. Light green text on a white background. Will watch video and see if I can change things. Thanks.