Triumph-1M & LS number of satellites constantly changing, no fix, no float

I'm able to start the base, then go to stakeout, but the number of satellites shown are continually changing from 0 to 12 and in between, while that is going on the button showing Fix or float or just grayed out is also changing. sometimes I'm able to get a moment of fix, but just a moment.
Adam you helped me the other day with getting my radio communications resolved and I thought that was the only problem, but was wrong.
Some background, I stopped using this unit approximately three years ago and it was operating fine at that time, but when I got the system out to start using it again the first thing I did was to upgrade the software and to my surprise the operation of the software had greatly changed and have be trying to get up to speed.
Through trial and error, I'm beginning to think there is still a radio issue, because I can do the setup and set the radio frequency, but when I go the base setup window the left column is showing the frequency to be set at 440 Mhz. which is not correct.
Thanks for any help.
Hi, John,
My phone call missed you today, would some day next week work to remote into my unit? If so respond with the date and time you desire.