Trouble with Base postion moving

Wes Hand

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I just got back one one of my LS plus rovers from being worked on....first job I notice I am about 3' off from previous data. Ive checked my projection/coordinate system and all seems to be correct.

I looked at the base rover statistics and it shows an incorrect base position compared to the picked base location that is first chosen when started under REMOTE BASE. I tried again this morning and its still not working correctly. Am I missing the obvious? I have done a factory image reset but that has not helped. Its applying a shift that I cant figure out...I am missing my points by around 3 feet on both the base/rover setup and the Trimble Now network.

Notice the base location...this is the correct position.

Notice the grid base position is different in the base rover statistics info on a checkshot into another known...I was off approximately 3 feet.

Wes - this is a shot in the dark, but when I have errors in the 3' range it has sometimes been a US Survey Feet versus international feet issue.

Wes Hand

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Robert...thanks for the respone. The issue is that when I told the base to start broadcasting from a particular position its then not showing that to be the case when I began collecting data. That grid position of my base in the 2nd screen shot should be the same as the one picked when in REMOTE BASE. I have not done any type of mlocal shift or DPOS that would cause any shift. Thats the alarming thing to me is that the unit is picking another base postion...and thats not good.
When you determine the problem, please post. We're about to receive an LS+ back from repair and I want to be sure we don't have the same issue.


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No it did not...I had to m-local shift 2 sessions from this weeks work to the correct position. Man it goes without matter how experienced you are it pays to check in on knowns. Its so easy to get comfortable and overlook good procedure.
Man that's the truth.