UHF kit T1M+T3


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Whats your best settings with kit Triumph-3 rover and Triumph-1M base?
Whats your best practise with kit Triumph-3 rover and Triumph-1M base?

I Have bad connections and radius above 300m , but it must be few kilometers.

Artur Petrosyan

Yes, you are right, the radius must be few kilometers. the main issue, is detect we have problem in base or rover side. Here appropriate to refer "divide and rule". It will be perfect to have "verified" base and rover, and provide test
1. Triumph-1M base with "verified" rover
2. "Verified" base with Triumph-3 rover

You can provide simple test for RSSI estimation at 100' (30.48 meter) with internal and external antenna. In base station set permissible output power(1, 4, 10 or 35W) and in receiver side record the RSSI values. The test results can help us understand and detect problem.