Windows 10 Install Disk size error


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I am trying to install Justin on my Windows 10 PC and I can't get past the disk space check. It says "The amount of required disk space exceeds the amount of available space..." which is obviously not true. I have 144 GB available and the program says it needs 787 MB so I have about 180 times the needed amount. See the screenshot from the attempted install below. Clicking OK on the second dialog box clears it but when you click "Next" it just brings up the same "Justin Link Disk Space" dialog box.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Tim Bennett, PLS

Javad Justin Install Issue.JPG
to install


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I also just tried running the install in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 and XP. Same results.


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Hi Tim,

we can not find the cause of this problem in the standard Windows installer. Please try another setup inataller.

Best regards,
Alexander Boikov.