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    T-1 RTN with public IP

    Are you actually getting and using 4 constellations from the T1 base?
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    If tilt is on…. And you press start….

    Perhaps a White Box that says "TILT ON" or a toggle for one of the programable "U" keys ?
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    Looking for a T1M

    Anyone have a functional T1M they are not using and want to part with? Preferably with all 4 constellations activated.
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    Is PP (via bluetooth) RTKP Avaiable yet?

    I tell people that there is a reason surgeons put patients to sleep...
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    Best RTPK settings for LS w/ GPS Glonass only

    What are the best RTPK settings for a standard LS w/ GPS Glonass only in canopy situations? Is the the Variety + RTPK High Confidence (LS) profile suitable? If not what are the best settings for a standard LS with a GPS-Glonass only UHF base. (T1)?
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    Stakeout with LS in diffficult location

    Use that method frequently.
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    Topo with ATV

    It is a SECO quick release prism adapter that I modified with a little lathe work to fit to the Javad - Benro mono pole. Made a brass adapter for the mono pole top and a SS bolt to fasten the tip to the LS to minimize any magnetic affect on the compass sensor. The tip on the LS also anchors...
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    Topo with ATV

    Pics of my LS topo system in my Argo ATV, measured height on garage floor, use pre-drawn grid lines to follow, and trajectory, either time or distance as site dictates. Also pic of my truck dash mount that works for woods road centerlines and to use the LS for in cab computations. Mount is...
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    Is DPOS down?

    Thanks. Works fine this morning, processed 2 jobs in less than 5 min.
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    Is DPOS down?

    Have been trying all morning to DPOS 2 projects done Friday AM, They upload and then just sit there, for hours. Worked fine last week. Have not changed any settings or versions.
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    Verification with Triumph-LS Plus, Triumph-LS Standard Multi-Constellation, Triumph-LS Standard GPS + Glonass

    I do not seem or be able to find the same settings screens for Variety that were in the video. Are they in Pre Release? LS +, with J Field
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    Workshop Triumph-LS Plus 2/25/2021 - Lightning Fast Verification in Canopy

    I do not seem or be able to find the same settings screens that were in the video. Are they in Pre Release? LS +, with J Field
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    LS External Antenna Port Damaged

    Yes it hooks into the "ear", holds the shield in place well. I use the "ear" on the other side coupled with a hole in my monopod tip to attach a carry strap using the old "Michaels" quick release rifle swivels.
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    LS External Antenna Port Damaged

    Pics of my solution, wood block routed for antenna clearance, laminated on outside with a Formica countertop "lip" that protrudes enough to engage the slots in the housing. This prevents it from moving sideways. This give me much greater peace of mind on those brush choked properties that...
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    project retrieval from an old SD card

    Recent upgraded old LS to LS+. After the upgrade installed a new 32Gig SD card. Now have realized there was a project on the old SD card that was not downloaded or DPOSed. How do you retrieve a project without the restore procedure loading the LS memory up with the entire contents of the old...