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    Release 4.0

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    Triumph-1M & LS number of satellites constantly changing, no fix, no float

    From the Home Screen, press Support, and Live Technical Assistance. You will find my phone number there. Give me a call.
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    LegAnt antennas

    I just took a search through our site and can't find what you are looking for. The antenna is L1, L2, GPS and Glonass. I would estimate date of manufacture between 1996 and 2008.
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    Triumph 1 not communicating after update

    Nils, Please update the firmware of your T1 to latest version, not "stable" version. It is my understanding that "stable" version is the original firmware.
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    LS+ Action Profile Settings

    Tyler, The fact that you observe points four hours apart puts you in the top 1%. In my own work, I do not normally make that a part of my practice. The main thing I would add to your profile is reset engine at start. The reason I do this is to separate fixes from one observation, from being...
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    PreRelease 4.0

    I see that the receiver IP is the same as the Gateway address. That looks wrong to me.
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    RTK, vs RTPK wide open areas, setting control.

    My opinion is that PPK is more accurate, except when it is not. I would think that 5, 20 second observations, then averaged would be really hard to beat in the open. Might even be overkill.
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    Steve Douty

    I really liked Steve. He was a good friend. His smile was absolutely contagious. Never forgotten.
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    4g sim or 5g sim

    I recommend you jump on the phone, and call customer support at Verizon. The "stores" are the least technically competent. Regarding if the 5g card will work? It is my guess that it would actually perform 4G LTE properly in areas with no 5G. The question is what would it do in locations 5G was...
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    LS Interference Scan

    I will add that this is the highest interference I have ever seen.
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    SD card Full

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    LS+ not working with ALDOT RTN

    Can you hop on RAMS and let take a look? six one four 595 9412
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    LS+ not working with ALDOT RTN

    Wes, Have you tried NTRIP ? You can specify the timing of the GGA sentences that route.
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    Sudden Loss of Workable Fix in Open

    I had excellent performance with this new version yesterday. The longest I ever had to wait for a two engine fix was 30 seconds. I was doing topo all day, got 1780 shots. It was a campground with a fair amount of trees. Four engine fix most of the day.
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    Button Colors

    We also need to take care of the issue for those that prefer the "High Contrast" screen. Buttons such as Dist to Last, which turn green when the distance is small, actually turn completely black if "High Contrast" screen is active.