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  1. Tyler

    Workflow with RTPK

    Before RTPK we would always take two measurements on a found monument approximately 4 hours apart to have confidence in the location we are reporting. With RTPK it seems like a measurement with RTK that agrees with RTPK is a check in itself. Is there still a reason to re-tie monuments under a...
  2. Tyler

    1 cm level vertical accuracy at 90% confidence

    Is it possible to achieve 1 cm level vertical accuracy with a 90% confidence interval with RTK methods? We have a Triumph 1-M base and the Triumph LS + receiver. Or is this only possible by performing a static session? I have no issue getting a relative accuracy to meet ALTA/NSPS standards at 2...
  3. Tyler

    Multi-select Point Name Shift

    Is there a way to shift all Point Names for my survey points? I'm having issues organizing collected points while running a total station and two LS units. We typically would put Unit one in the 4000 series and Unit two in the 5000 point series but it would be nice if I could consolidate these...
  4. Tyler

    Recommended Repeater Setup

    I am working in Marin County which has many steep hills and somewhat rugged terrain. The typical area we work in varies from on the coast to up in the hills or between valleys (0 to 1,000ft elevation, typically). We are currently using the Triumph-LS, Triumph 1-M for our base, and the HPT435BT...