Recommended Repeater Setup


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I am working in Marin County which has many steep hills and somewhat rugged terrain. The typical area we work in varies from on the coast to up in the hills or between valleys (0 to 1,000ft elevation, typically). We are currently using the Triumph-LS, Triumph 1-M for our base, and the HPT435BT radio alongside our base. The external radio helps get signal in some pretty difficult areas but I think we might need a repeater to ensure that our base is always in a great location and we can get signal behind the hills that are interfering with the radio signal.

We were also thinking of potentially trying to use the 35 watt radio as a repeater instead of using it alongside the base to help us get signal in some of the more difficult areas.

What setups are you currently using and what has been working the best for you to optimize the usage of your Javad units?

Phillip Lancaster

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If I was you I wouldn't even use it beside the base really ever. I would always use it as a repeater. I know without a doubt that the 1 watt internal will reach over 4 miles on flat ground. In the hills just setup the repeater where you lose reception and may have to move it a couple of times to get the job done depending on terrain. I have set the base in an open area that was lower on the job and went about 1 to 1.5 miles away and set the repeater in a pine thicket on the top of a hill.

Duane Frymire

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Is there a way to raise the T1M radio higher or do you need the external radio to do that? I assume that's why one would use external radio near the base, just to get a bit more height and distance of coverage?

Nate The Surveyor

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Isn't there an external antenna connector, for the T-1m?
My memory says there is. (Correct me if I'm wrong).
Maybe you could get a 5db gain antenna, with a 15' wire, and put the T-1m up on a normal tripod/bipod setup, and then extend the TX (transmit) antenna up 20' high, and with the 5db gain antenna. All this could extend range for the 1 watt internal, in the t1m.
With all that in place, you effectively have greater range, without a repeater.
Much more options for the locations of the repeater.
I'm just thinking out loud here. Of course, all this is based on the assumption that the T-1M has external ant. connector.
What say the big chiefs?

Larry Stevens

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The antenna for the T-1m is the pole between the tribrach and the T-1m. The connection from the T-1m to the antenna is in the center of the pole and connects when you twist it on. No other plug for the antenna.

That makes a lot of sense. What is the procedure/directions for using the 35 watt HPT435BT radio as a repeater?

Thanks for the responses.


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The spacing requirements as mentioned by Matt here: ( needed for using the 35 watt radio as a repeater may hinder some of our ability to work on areas just on the other side of smaller hills. Would the HPT401BT be a better option for a repeater in this case? Ideally we would be able to set a repeater on the hill directly adjacent to the site of measurements below. A minimum of 800' seems like it would not allow us to take measurements at the base of the hill we have our repeater on in a lot of cases. Any thoughts on this?

The plus side of the 1 watt as a repeater may also be that it also has its own internal battery as Matt has mentioned in another post ( Also there is a lot of good information on that post about setting up the radios as repeaters.

Duane Frymire

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Lots of good information above. Two more questions: first, does the full duplex 1 watt give much better result using as repeater; second, what is recommended separation if using the 1 watt?


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Is the 35 watt radio currently set up as a repeater, or is it doing bluetooth from the T-1m?
It is not currently set up as a repeater it is set up next to our base connected via bluetooth. We were looking into using the radio as a repeater for future projects.