1. Tyler

    1 cm level vertical accuracy at 90% confidence

    Is it possible to achieve 1 cm level vertical accuracy with a 90% confidence interval with RTK methods? We have a Triumph 1-M base and the Triumph LS + receiver. Or is this only possible by performing a static session? I have no issue getting a relative accuracy to meet ALTA/NSPS standards at 2...
  2. S

    Triumph-LS set in vrs mode having trouble connecting to the base network

    I have been using a Triumph-LS set in vrs mode but I am have trouble connecting to the base network. I did have Matt Sibole connect to the system and check my setting while this was happening and he suggested I post it here as a issue.
  3. Tyler

    Boundary Survey Workflow

    I'm curious about the typical workflow that you would use for starting a new job from scratch, using both gps and conventional equipment for a boundary survey. Do you typically keep jobs on a grid or do you typically convert them to ground? I find myself going back and forth for different jobs...
  4. Tyler

    Recommended Repeater Setup

    I am working in Marin County which has many steep hills and somewhat rugged terrain. The typical area we work in varies from on the coast to up in the hills or between valleys (0 to 1,000ft elevation, typically). We are currently using the Triumph-LS, Triumph 1-M for our base, and the HPT435BT...
  5. Tyler

    DPOS question

    After comparing measured coordinates for multiple stations in the area to the NGS published coordinates of these stations, I am consistently getting 0.06 to .12 feet between the two values which seems great. However, I was wondering what is being held to establish these measured coordinates. Is...
  6. Eugene Aksyonov

    Product Details

    See Pre-Order information at
  7. Sdrake14

    Surface models

    Does/has anybody used surface models for staking with the LS? I received one in TIN format, converted it to an XML file, (it imported into Carson survey) I imported the xml into the LS...and wahlah...crickets. I see nothing. Along with this I exported some alignments (containing spiral...
  8. R

    Trajectory Points extracted from LS doesn't synchronize to integer second

    Hi Everyone, I got a JAVAD triumph LS from my boss. I tried the trajectory survery with Network RTK function. LS fixed good in most case. When I tried to export points to csv/txt file. I am confused why time tag shown in txt file was not syncronize to integer second, it makes me hard to compare...
  9. Tyler

    Javad Post-Processing Help

    Hello everyone, So I am new to using the Javad Triumph-LS and was wondering what the best way to process redundant data taken over different constellations is. I know that there is a cluster average tool but I'm not sure if this is the best way for Javad to process the most accurate results...