Surface models

Does/has anybody used surface models for staking with the LS? I received one in TIN format, converted it to an XML file, (it imported into Carson survey) I imported the xml into the LS...and wahlah...crickets.

I see nothing. Along with this I exported some alignments (containing spiral segments) in xml format from the LS, then opened a new project and imported them and they came in all seperated into different segments....

Does anyone have knowledge of how to work with this type of data sets in the LS?

Thanks Matt. Standing by to test it! :) I have a 5 mile highway realignment project through coastal mountains I am slope-staking that is ideal for showing off the LS. We have contractors and engineers scratching their heads wondering how we are getting the shots (did I say redwoods).... The grade checker has a Topcon GPS with the surface in it but is unable to get a lot of the shots along the embankment limits. We got them.
How are you slope staking, does the LS compute the slope stake, or is that a manual process. I also have a need for the model to be imported in the LS. Currently, staking a Landfill cell, that's being installed. The side slopes are 3:1 but the bottom of the new cell is irregular, with drains in it. What I am having to do is create the model in Carlson, and compute a 50' grid, imports those coords into the LS and stake the grid.

It would be nice to have a cutsheet option to use as well,having to import back from the LS and manually create the cutsheet in Carlson, but I guess that ? is for a different thread.
I'm doing slope staking using the stake alignment function for the roadway to be on station/offset but the slope catches manually calculated.
I tried working with the cross-section templates with no success thus far. I think the construction-staking side of things still needs a little tweaking in Jfield.

Regardless I am still shaving time off my work with the LS when compared to similar projects with other equipment, the peace of mind in having measurements I can count on is huge. My control is impeccable, and the highbrid RTK with rawdata records allows me to have confidence in my work (with minimal effort) when I am under pressure and being challenge by contractors and agency engineers.

Now enter the autonomous shift long as I have solid control densified across my project I can place my base in any good position near my days work, (or even on top of my car)
shift to an established control point, get production on-call, and not sweat that my base is possibly being run over by a meathead machine operator. (seen this twice now)