Advanced RTK Settings


Daniel R. Geoghagan, PSM
I have a TLS+ and T3 and use cellular for my communications.
I've been experimenting with RTK settings on TLS+. I can't figure out the right combination of settings to get the most out of my units. The biggest thing is the Engine parameters with the number of Min SNR and Max Signals. I've attached my current settings below. Could I get some input for the settings that everyone else uses? Also, if you see anything on mine that I need to change, feel free to comment? My units are working fine but just trying to get the most out of the equipment and some meaning some of these settings.


Well-Known Member
Reset tracking is at 30 sec. Default is 120. Not sure how much of a difference that makes but I'm not sure 30 seconds is enough time to really reset tracking and zero in on the signals. In the areas I work 20 m is not a large enough value to keep too far from standalone setting from displaying the warning. Bump it up a litlle if you work in heavy canopy. Mine is set to 50m. I'm not sure why you have different snr values for each engine. I use the default for this setting. Also Afcl is set to low. I would set all of it to default except too far from standalone.