BD and GAL on JMT+T2

Mitchell D Lane

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Mitchell D Lane

Active Member
I can't find the oaf update on JMT. Wouldn't the OAF on the T2 be already updated if I have been tracking all the constellations when I use the T2 as a base with the LS? And now the T2 will not connect to Netview with Bluetooth. In the past it would not connect with BT if the LS was already connected. But the LS is miles away.

Vasilii Nuzhnov

JAVAD GNSS Support Team
Try to do ClearNVRAM by button.
1. Turn OFF receiver
2. Press and hold FN/Recod file button.
3. Turn ON receiver
4. Wait until all LED blinks yellow
5. Unhold FN/Recod file button.


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OAF update is available in JMT if you scroll down to control and tap it. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap update oaf.