Center on receiver position / "follow me" mode

Eric Tweet

Active Member
Just wondering if there's the slight chance of a possibility for getting a more persistent way to toggle on the 'center view on current receiver location' (or "follow-me" mode, whatever the correct name is :) ) feature...

As things are now (and have been since I started using my LS+), things work a bit like this:
  • Get done at Station "A". Measured the point there, so now I have to click the "center" button to engage the follow-me mode.
    • Almost every time, it immediately disengages (the button turns black again and is no longer centered on me). Requires a second push. Except when it doesn't and it stays on after the first click, so I end up *disengaging* it because I expected it to not work the first time.
    • When it's finally engaged, sometimes zooming in/out will cause it to disengage again.
  • Once follow-me is finally engaged, throw my lath bag on my back, grab my bag of tools in one hand, grab my rover pole in the other and shuffle off toward Station "B".
    • Glancing at the screen on my way, in order to see whereabouts I am, frequently the follow-me will disengage yet again. Drop the tool bag, tap the button yet again and hope it stays on.
How it would work in a hypothetically ideal world:
  • In [whatever menu], click the "Follow-me active by default" option
  • Go to work.
And of course pressing the button on any of the map screens with that option selected would temporarily turn follow-me off. Panning the map would also temporarily turn it off. Otherwise, any map screen will automatically be centered on the receivers location (think SurvCE behavior).

This is one of those not-the-end-of-the-world items, certainly. More like "death by a thousand mosquito bites". It's a mild annoyance the first time, and then just builds in frustration until I'm driving home at the end of the day, giving my LS+ a stern talking-to the whole way ;)