Check your Verizon bill!

Duane Frymire

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Jim, I have had the DAC cards for over a week and can't get them to stream the data. I been through setting every which way. I"m using T1M at base and LS rover. new Inseego 160 modem static at base and samsung phone at rover. both new 5G units. I think i will pull out a couple of old 4G jetpacks?
Any advice would help.
Not sure about samsung. With iphone i had to pick LTE in the cellular settings, instead of 5G or 5G auto. And in hotspot settings set to maximize compatibility.
Even if Javad modems are now different/newer tech than mine, if you're in an area without consistent 5G it can be an issue. The device will keep interfering with LTE trying to look for 5G.