Cloud based storage failing

Jim Campi

Active Member
I was able to use dropbox for years without a hitch. A few months ago it would not initialize. I revoked and went online set up the account again etc. It worked for a week or so and now I am back to "error retrtieving file list. timed out. curl=28. Timed out after 20002 miliseconds wiht 0 bytes received".

Any one know how to resolve this problem?

Wes Hand

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You are not alone. Several have posted already on this matter and I’m not sure why it’s happening. I’ve revoked the connection from the site for a customer and established again requesting the handshake key. I worked for a day and then we got the same message you posted.

Eugene Aksyonov

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Hello Jim, Wes, please, report LS serials to me. I will check it. It must be units that upgraded to LS+. There is known issue exist still.