Deleted Static File


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I think I already know the answer, but is there a way to bring back a deleted file in the internal memory?
I accidentally selected delete all, not delete a single file.

Nate The Surveyor

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It'd be nice if "delete all" were red, and required you to jump through extra hoops, to succeed.

Tovio, I believe you can re-download the base file. Unless this is a rover static file.
See the other recent threads about multiple rovers, one base, for more details.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
@Nate, @toivo1037 is not a Triumph-LS user.

Toivo, it is possible to do this in Netview.

In NetView software select GREIS Commands then Capture options and send a command


Wait until receiver reconfig file system and will show deleted files only. Download these files.

To return receiver in regular mode switch it off/on.



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Holly holly cow! Saved the files!!!
There is no way I would have thought that you could recover files, and there was a ton of them in there too, over 50mb worth going back maybe to when I got the receivers.

For anyone who has to do this:
Connect to receiver
go to Greis commands
click capture, and past in the command.
at the bottom click send.

I got the RE002%% returned.
For some reason I had to disconnect and reconnect to the receiver at this point. When I reconnected I went to files like always, and all of the old field were in there. Downloaded the deleted file like normal.

I then reversed things by going and issuing the second command, and the receiver was back to normal.

Way way cool and saved a return trip on-site to salvage that file.

Thanks a ton Shawn for the cool hidden command.

Easter is coming up, there Javad Receivers have a ton of Easter Eggs in them, so I guess it never hurts to ask if you need something, it may already be in the receiver!