DPOS is not working.


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Friends, I hope I'm proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath that DPOS will be back online any time soon. I'm going to start developing a new process for getting my projects on the NSRS (National Spatial Reference System) other than DPOS.

DPOS is such an elegant tool. I hope to see it back again someday. I think many of us would be willing to pay an annual subscription for it if that would bring some incentive to restoring it.
I would pay. My LS+ has sent the data but then nothing... just now.

Wes Hand

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Just submitted one on app.javad customer area and its not showing progress status updating so may be a false alarm.

Kelly Bellis

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Yea... things are looking dicey... and strange.


Jeremy Hutchins

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Hello, I will try to layout the workflow that has worked for me, especially on large base files.

  1. First you will copy your base file from your LS, LS+ or BASE(t3 T1M or T2) it should ba at file ending in .jps (example is 51_075711.jps, where 51 is the point #)
  2. get the converter program from the JAVAD website, it is an .exe file so you will possibly have to disable your virus software. here is the link: https://download.javad.com/software/JPS2RIN/jps2rinSetup_2.1.237.exe
  3. install the software on your computer.
  4. open the software and at the bottom select the input file (this should be your base file from above step)
  5. make the following selections onon the program:View attachment 13110
  6. select the output file location
  7. then hit convert, this should create a few files, the file you want to upload to OPUS will end in o example is 511580.23o
  8. goto the opus web site : https://geodesy.noaa.gov/OPUS/ see screen shot below alsoView attachment 13111
  9. choose you o file, choose your antenna (for T# is is listed in the image) it should also come up in the converter program), put in antenna height in meters, enter you email address and finally choose what type of static you are uploading.
  10. you should get indication the file uploaded successfully ad in a few min. get the results back in an email.
  11. either translate points in CADD or in the LS (see instructions from Shawn for using M-local) in previous posts.
Hope this helps.
Thanks Chris! I'm getting some work flow again. One thing to add is that you can change the interval of the file in JPS2RIN. I couldn't get a file to send because it was too long of a session.


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I need DPOS back! OPUS didn't help...

FILE: Bud_Base_095228.jps OP1686847306763

2005 NOTE: The IGS precise and IGS rapid orbits were not available

2005 at processing time. The IGS ultra-rapid orbit was/will be used to

2005 process the data.


6029 After the single baseline analysis, fewer than 3 useable

6029 reference stations remain. Aborting.



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Woo Hoo!

Dear Jason

This notification is to inform you about "Data processing completed" event.


Your project Base1_083744.jps, 399_084611.jps, 400_084651.jps... [46] was successfully processed by JUSTIN @ CORS (US) network.