Error after ending base and restart

I had the T2 as a base and LS rover. I needed to change the battery so I ended the base and changed the battery and started the base back up. Never touched the base tripod or T2. When I checked my check point I missed it by 0.12 ft. Any ideas? First check shot was 3 min Boundary point and open sky. I checked a few other points I had on the first session and missed them by the same 0.12 ft.
:rolleyes:. Probably can't check that after the fact. ?? I'll have to look. Normally it would never be on for the Boundary profile. Is there a correct for tilts in the T2? The correct for tilts is in the software correct? Because I use the T2 with JMT alot and I almost always have it on with JMT?? This day i didn't have have cell service with the LS and grabbed the T2. I'm going to see if I can get it to don't again today.