Exporting point files

Jim Campi

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I am having some difficulty getting AutoCad Civil3d to recognize point files (txt) exported from the LS. After substantial effort I have been able to import the files, however the point name is a very large number that doesn't appear to be associated with any other point attribute.

How are you getting point files into your CAD software?

Civil3d has significant capabilities and probably all I need, however I have no problem using another app to get the point files in a format that simplifies the process.

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
You must configure the export for name, survey n, survey e, survey h, description. This will export all points that you collect. Configure another export for name, design n, design e, design h, description to export calculated points and imported points. Soon you'll be able to export both and separate the point by appending the point name. A design point in the database has a space for the calculated point and the as staked survey point in the same record. One name, two coordinates. Thus the export requires some consideration currently.

Jim Campi

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It looks like ACAD was viewing name as a text attribute when it was expecting a number.

It expected "1001" and saw "Point1001". It also didn't like the text header row. I fixed that and the points imported. They area lacking the "code" attribute.

You note description above. Is that a general term for tag and code? So when setting up the template for exporting the survey text file I would have:
survey n
survey e
survey h