Intergeo 2018

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Rebecca and I were able to go to Intergeo this year. We wanted to be there to see the release of the J-Mate. Also it was such a great time to see so many friends we made in Moscow in 2013.

A few booths down, a manufacturer had a DeLorean!


So good to spend time with great friends. Here was the group from Javad GNSS having dinner together.


Here Javad, Eugene and I are setting up one of the J-Mate displays.


This is Vladimir Zhukov and Michael Stazhkov with me. These two are so important to the success of the products that we use! They are also truly fine people.


I had the privilege to meet so many of Javad's dealers from across the world: Germany, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Israel and others. The dealer meeting was truly global. It's amazing to hear how similar surveyor's attitudes are across the planet even if our specific approach to our work may differ. The more I travel, the smaller the world gets. So many great conversations that are very difficult to have without face to face contact (even with the wonderful technology we have today). We discussed so many features and improvements to the software and hardware along with many, many laughs. The future looks very bright indeed and I am very excited for the J-Mate.

Shawn in Germany.
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