Internal Radio UHF baud rate

Paolo Paganini

New Member
I'm trying to connect internal radio of my Triumph 1m with internal radio (Satel 3as) of Topcon GR5
GR5 has only two baud rate velocities options: 38.400 and 19.200.
Triumph 1M modem velocity is set by default to 115.200.
I have two available sw (SurvCe and Tracy) to try this connection.
I can't change the default velocity in virtual port D.
Any suggestions?
Thank you very much

Phillip Lancaster

Active Member
I don't know about Satel but I do about PacCrest radio. I had to set my T1 on Transparent language on 19200 which I think was 25khz. But it has been a long time ago since I have changed a setting.