Is PP (via bluetooth) RTKP Avaiable yet?

Nate The Surveyor

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That is Post Processed RTPK.
You have your base set up in a valley. You need a shot over the mountain, on the township line, 3.5 miles away. But, Hill shadow won't allow radio to reach from base to rover. It's ok. You go shoot the corner. You return to base, and connect bluetooth to base. Select the point you need. Then you load the data in the base, into the rover, and process that shot over the mountain, via RTPK. Now, you use it to do the math, and continue your survey. It works without shutting down the base.
I've got a job next wk that I suspect I'll need this. It's a long drive, and I think hill shadow may block my radio.

Michael Stazhkov

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Hi Nate,
Please try possibility to download the base file without stopping it (see attached screenshots). It should automatically find the overlapped file on the base, download it and attach to appropriate base point or create a new one, and create the DPOS session (it searches in the current project). Then you can try RTPK on appropriate rover points.

BASE-SETUP_20210816-11.02.31.png BASE-SETUP-DPOS-SYNC-TASKS_20210816-11.02.37.png

Nate The Surveyor

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Ok, an update,
I went to job. It was definitely hill shadow, (radio was blocked by hill)
I got 3 shots. They turned out to be 1 foot apart, with no agreement. Even after processing. However....
That was close enough for my needs in the field. I finished my survey, went home, and DPOS'd it. Now they all agreed less than 0.05'.
So, I look deeper. I was looking at the wrong source coords in the field. It had stored autonomous, and RTPK values, and all I was using in the field was autonomous. I had clients neighbor, and dad talking with me, so I did not have time to figure it out in the field.
Anyway, if you use this, check your source of coord value.
I'm happy. Learning under pressure, is like this. My job is done, and I got it right.
Ps, the accuracy I needed in the field, was 3 feet. This confirmed my hypothesis. However, I could have had it tighter, if I'd noticed the source of the coord.
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