JMT iOS issues

I have been using JMT iOS for several years and really enjoy the rapid response from DPOS, in most cases. I currently run V 3.0 Build 2 20171109.
I generally use the system to collect static data. I have no issues with connection to the T-2.

My issue, from almost the first time I used the App, pertains to naming a file. Seems that if I leave the default file name that comes up when I "Go to Survey", the session starts and completes without a problem. If I choose to edit the name, I am greeted with "file name exist" or something like that, even though no such file had been created. I've tried adding a prefix and a suffix to the file name in an attempt to get it to work. I, generally, have to reboot and start the process again and leave the filename that comes up, something like "Log0424a.jps". After a few false starts, I get my data.

My second issue regards processing to OPUS. Since the last two versions of the App, my JMT crashes and no data gets sent to OPUS. Sending to DPOS is not an issue.

Finally, during the last couple of static sessions, my phone has been beeping, three or four consecutive beeps, during most of the session. The beep is very reminiscent of the beep from the LS when a software update is due. Is this the case with JMT?


Ralph Dominguez
Dear Ralph,
Thank you for the notes.
The first issue I could not reproduce the issue, but I slightly changes the check. And next beta 104 just released. Please try it and if the issue remains please explain how to reproduce in more details. Please also check that your receiver has enough memory now.
For OPUS process it is a crash of Rinex converter I will investigate the reason and fix it. Thank you for information.

Best regards, Yuri Noyanov