Justin not reading Galileo & Beilou sat signals in base files

Steve Reutebuch

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I have been trying to get Justin to read and use Galelio and Beilou data from basestation files that collect these signals with a NetR9 receiver (see attached Justin Galileo Beidou issue 12-1-15.zip).

I have submitted this issue to the Javad "Questions" website, but Alexander replied that Justin doesn't support 3.02 rinex fully. He said "Other data may be imported if they are compatible with JAVAD jps2rin format". But, he didn't provide any method for converting T02 or TGD files into a "Javad jps2rin format" rinex 3.02 file.

I have used several rinex editors and created rinex 2.11 and rinex 3.02 files that include the Galelio and Beilou data from the Trimble T02 or Trimble TGD files that are available from the Washington State Realtime Network Reference Data Shop download website (http://www.wsrn3.org/). Unfortunately, Justin can't read and use the Galileo and Beilou data correctly from any of these rinex files and only uses the GPS and GLONASS basestation data.

I have attached an example T02, TGD, and obs file that were downloaded from the WSRN basestation website.

I need to figure out how to get one of these files converted into the "Javad jps2rin" rinex 3.02 format that Justin will correctly read with Galelio and Beilou (COMPASS) data. Does anyone know how to do this? If not, then it appears we can not use Galelio and Beilou data from our existing WSRN CORS sites that are collecting data from these constellations in Justin post-processing solutions.


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Alexey Razumovsky

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Dear Steve,
attached Trimble generated observation file does not match RINEX 3.02 convention.
File header below:
E 12 C5X L5X D5X S5X C8X L8X D8X S8X C7X L7X D7X S7X SYS / # / OBS TYPES
J 12 C1C L1C D1C S1C C2X L2X D2X S2X C5X L5X D5X S5X SYS / # / OBS TYPES
C 12 C6 L6 D6 S6 C2 L2 D2 S2 C7 L7 D7 S7 SYS / # / OBS TYPES
Beidou (C) signals identificators aren't third characters. Justin can't import RINEXed data like these.