Lexan or acrylic dome


I am exploring on protecting the T-3 as a base at the office from rain or snow. Would lexan or acrylic plastic domes impede the signals getting to the T-3 for corrections. Want to set up antenna and T-3 inside later as more permanent but can see a 4x4 post with T-3 mounted and dome for the pop up showers when your 10 miles away. Any thoughts? Mike

Nate The Surveyor

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I'll say this. I've had my t2 compromised 2x now. By water. I think it's very good otherwise.
The t3 is much better built.
The high accuracy folks sell and recommend all weather domes. They are gps signal neutral, or near neutral.
I'm a cheapskate. I'd like a simple cover, that's professional looking. Better than a wal mart bag.
I've seen these: https://www.campingworld.com/dish-t...Ng4vZIC18bxSI0oOl6xoCJC8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
But I don't know if they'd mess with our positional signals.
I don't like bags, because they keep heat in. I'm thinking of something made of coroplast. That's what political signs are made of. Plastic cardboard.
I'd like a cover for mine too.


Nate, it is not that we cheapskates. We just enjoy coming up with inventive ways to accomplish the task at hand. Having the T-3 inside with a external antenna outside and hooked to the internet as a base is the ultimate goal (or Delta 3 and an antenna). Once we get our new toys paid off we can get more sophisticated. Mike