LS+ Not using all Constellations.

Rich Nelson

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I was out in the field connected to my local Massachusetts cores network and my LS Plus. However, I could only receive data from two out of the four constellations: GPS and Glonassnot available. The other two constellations were not receiving data on my LS Plus. I switched to my base station but encountered the same problem. I'm curious if anyone understands why this is happening and how I can get the other two constellations to repopulate. This has happened before, and without doing anything, my LS Plus will automatically start receiving the other constellations at some point during the survey.

Upon reviewing the information from my survey, I noticed that the satellites used for the RTK only had two constellations. But, the solution for my RTPK had all four constellations, and all the data was coming from my base station. I'm wondering why it would use all four for one solution but only two for the other solution.


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Matt Sibole

Difficult to say after the fact. Next time that happens give one of the "Live Technical Support" people a call and have them take a look at it.

Rich Nelson

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I performed all standard resets and restarts, but I will try your suggestion next time. I am returning to the field tomorrow in the hopes that it behaves.

Mark Wheeler

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Rich, I used an LS+ on November 27 & 28 and was clicking on all 4 constelations. Most of my work was Base/Rover, but I did do Mass RTN check shots on the base point for each job before using the points for the base. Working in Central Massachusetts.

Rich Nelson

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By examining the Sats Row in the attachment included in my original post, it is evident that all the constellations were used for the RTPK shots. In contrast, only two constellations were utilized for the RTK solution. Although I don't typically use MassCors, I needed to locate my Base Monument that had grown over, so I connected to it for a quick stakeout. I thought there might be a quick solution for the problem someone other than a Javad NOOB like me would know.