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Nate Wishes:
Hit inverse (On my unit that is U4)

From inverse, we can:
Hit one more button, and INVERSE to this line. Yes, I know, it is over there under cogo. But, it would still be good to put it here TOO.
Hit one more button, and STAKE this line. Button is called STK This line

Then, I'd like it if Javad and company, overall simplified the whole get up.
And, I'd like it if Matt Johnson would give more DETAILED answers, and walk us through things, and help Javad and Team make this thing less taxing.

And, I'd like it if we had an APP on cell phone to run J-tip.

And I'd like it if the whole Javad Program was organized into the full ability to design point number sequences, store point number sequences, obtain acreage from point number sequences, stake point number sequences, Stake these by LINES between, the nodes, and by the NODES, and allowed a single button press to toggle between these. Delete, and edit sequences. allowed curves in number sequences. Rotate, Translate, and SCALE point number sequences. Name point number sequences. Save point number sequences.

And, I don't have a whole lot more to ask. At this time.

Thanks. Keep Warm


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I guess I'd add to this wish and want list, a simple program called "Align".

This allows you to ROTATE, TRANSLATE, and SCALE, (A little like localize) in one step. But, it can take info from varying sources. Line work, points, and it can ALSO use a simple point sequence. And, it can LIMIT the items being "Alligned" to the POINT LIST. In essence, a neighbor to your survey, can walk up, hand you his deed, or a plat. and you can key the brgs and dist into the LS. Then, you can enter these points into a SEQUENCE. Then, start assigning certian points, to points on the ground.
This would be a reverse localize.
It seems like this would get used.



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How about a simple scale function? For all the great things the LS does, its surprising it doesn't have that functionality. I've never seen any survey software that doesn't have a scale function. Maybe one day.

Nate The Surveyor

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How about a program called “prorate”?
Insert a series of point numbers/names. Insert an overall distance. Then, the program will make coords, along the line. At any prescribed record station, and it prorates it between the first and last points, but passing through all intermediate points. It would be handy.