Netview & Modem installing issues


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I'm new here on the forums, so I don't actually know where to post this. Mod can move the thread if I'm off.
I'm having problems installing the Netview & Modem software to a customers computer.
When the setup trying to connect and download the files it's blocked by administrator.
He's running Windows 8.1 x64, and didn't have any problems running previous versions, but installing this
doesn't work.

Things I've tried so far:

- Running the setup.exe as administrator
- Disabling UAC
- Reset the Internet Explorer options to default
- Change the registry key for .NET Frameworks PromptLevel

But nothing seems to work, have you guys encountered this issue? If not, where should I look?
It's possible to upgrade the OS to Windows 10, but that's a last resort.

He can't run the old version either, because the software turns off while doing a survey.

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Please try to download NetView & Modem (Manual update).
It is a file.

Check that zip-file is not blocked or unblock it directly in the folder Downloads (see attached picture).
Then unpack zip and start setup.exe as user (not as Administrator).

Please never start setup.exe or NetView_Modem itself as Administrator.

Best Regards,
Natalia Dvorkina.