Netview TCP connection

John Thompson

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I can connect Net View & Modem to my Triumph 2 via TCP. The Triumph 2 is connected via WiFi to my Verizon Jetpack that has a static IP address. The Net View & Modem TCP address is set to the static IP address, Port is 8002, and Password is set to the Jetpack Password.

I have a second Triumph 2 that is connected to my office WiFi router which does not have a static IP address. Can I connect Net View & Modem to it via TCP? The computer running Net View & Modem is on the same office WiFi network.

Vasilii Nuzhnov

JAVAD GNSS Support Team
Hello John,
Yes, it must be simple in the same lockal network. If you have some trouble with connection, please, send us Reprts/Parameters from the second Triumph 2.

John Thompson

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I updated firmware and switched DHCP client ON. Netview reports the Current IP Address is I tried connecting on that address. What should I enter for Port, Logical Port, Password, TLS/SSL and Raw? I tried a few guesses but couldn't connect. Thanks.