Nine Satellites Now broadcasting L5, 16 Broadcasting L2C

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Today, I saw this in the satellite status bar:


Four GPS satellites broadcasting L5 and five GPS satellites broadcasting L2C. Also, even from the center of the country (in Texas), I saw 3 Chinese Compass (BeiDou) satellites.

Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099
It's exciting to see these beginnings Shawn. Any guess as to when we'll see having both a base and a rover putting these SVs to practical use? And I don't mean by OPUS as that may not be until 2022. I mean when do you think that Javad customers will begin to benefit?

LS + T1M + new engine(s) = 10:29 UTC March 20, 2017 ?

James Suttles

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Will be nice ounce the LS is able to utilize all those SV's. For those of us with LS to LS solutions, we hopefully will start using them sooner than later.

Nistorescu Sorin

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Anyone can see that GPS L1/L5 = Galileo E1/E5a = BeiDou B1/B2a. This signals are very similar.
Starting with 3.7.4 GNSS firmware, part of the Javad receivers will track BeiDou B2a signal. Probably it should appears into L5 column for BeiDou, in the LS satellites status screen.

Any print screen for this signal in your area? Thanks.