No connection between the receivers.


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Good day! I hope that is not too distracting, can you tell something ...
There are two receivers Javad Triumph-1 controller and Victor. Until recently, everything worked smoothly and flawlessly (I mean the RTC in particular), but not so long ago ceased to dial plates to each other. If you start shooting and then open the tab GSM is observed the following picture:
GSM - err
Error - net
Link - 100% 999s
Bad/All - 0 из 0
Itself is relatively recent work on this equipment, and generally used to work mostly on tahe, so any problems.
A month ago, this problem was solved by the fact that the reflash everything, tried to set up the installation of the fact that the amendment would not get through a GSM connection via GPRS. My "dancing with a tambourine" especially not to no avail. Returned back to GSM, set the settings in the genus earned last month worked for 4 -... just a week ago the same thing happened and there is no connection.