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Steve Douty

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Thanks for your help this morning.

As you recall; when I started my LS the Satellite Icon (Home Screen, Top row, 6th from the left: it shows the unit number and an image of a satellite) was flashing, and the unit would not track any satellites.

To fix the issue; you advised me to check for updates. I checked, and the screen advised me that GNSS and Linux needed updating. I updated to GNSS 3.736.190416, and Linux

After the update; all was well.

I completed the job, stopped and downloaded the base, and turned everything off.

I then traveled 50 miles, and created a new project. The Satellite Icon was blinking again. When I clicked on (touched) the Satellite Icon the screen that comes up had two choices: Internal or external. The internal box was the active box.

I then checked for updates. I was informed that GNSS needed to be updated to 3.736.190416 (the same version as previously installed). No Linux update was required. Upon updating all was once again right with the world.

After I finished my second project: I once again stopped and downloaded the base, turned everything off and returned to the air conditioned office.

Thinking the issue might be with the creating of a new job: I turned on the LS, and created a new job. All was well with the world.

I turned the LS off and back on. All is well with the world. I can't make it fail.

This is the same unit that we are using to test the J-Mate. When we test the J-Mate we update to the "Testing" version. When we are finished testing we re-install the "Release" version.

We have now instituted a policy of creating new jobs when connected to Wi-Fi (internet). When we know we will be out of cell coverage we will create a new project before we travel to never-never land.

I hope this report helps.
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Steve Douty

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This morning I turned my LS on to find that the Satellite Icon was once again flashing red. All that I did with this unit after the post above was to turn the unit off. It "got sick" overnight, without any activity from me.
Once again the Support/Update screen said that I needed to update to GNSS
This should not have been necessary because that is the last thing I did yesterday.
After the update - all is well.
My LS is #00248
Am I the only one having this issue?
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Hey Steve, thanks for posting. It's a very rare problem so far. I will call you in a minute.