Points randomly reverting to WGS84 geoidal when NAD83(2011) geoidal is cord system


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We have seen this issues less in the beta versions. I am currently running 4.4 beta 4 of JMT and we did see it happen last week during a training. The group had checked over geodetic tablets and were checking their data against others using both Javad and Trimble and saw a 1.5-2 meter difference in two points collected during the day. When clicking between WGS84 and Origin at the bottom of the point editor screen it did not change the number to show the WGS84 and origin elevations being different whereas in the other points the WGS84 would show the cord system (NAD83 (2011) NC State Plane 3200 Geoidal) and the "origin" tab would show what I assume is the WGS84 realization of the geoidal.

I am not sure how to replicate the issue as it happens so rarely. Of all the data collected last week between multiple Trimble and Javad units, this is the only know instance of this occurring.

Yuri Noyanov

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In the last beta of Mobile, conversion between NAD83 and WGS84 was improved with better timing. May be this is the reason? To reproduce the issue, just survey a point with your RTK system and collect raw ops file. Then you can OPUS the file to check the point in local system.Please send me the project if you will find a bug with coordinate conversion.