I've searched and read the posts that I could find on this question, but, they don't seem to cover my concern. Pardon me if this has all been covered before.

On my LS there are three different resets that I have discovered: Reset RTK, Reset engines and Reset tracking. I understand that Reset RTK can be helpful in tough settings, like under canopy and I have used it for that purpose. I have also experimented with the other two Resets and they seem to help in similar settings.

What is the difference between these three options? Is there any limit to how many times you might employ them in a long session, like where you can't move on to the next phase in a collection profile or even get through Phase 1?


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Reset rtk and reset engines are the same thing. It restarts the calculation but doesn't require the satellites be reacquired. Reset tracking starts a new acquisition of the SATs.

In verification phase 1 I see no reason to reset rtk, it's already doing that. Reset tracking can is done automatically too based on the settings in advanced rtk. The default is 120 seconds with no fix it will reset tracking.
Thanks Adam. In any case, is there a limit to how many times you can use these resets in a long observation (20-30 minutes) before they become counterproductive?


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I don't know. You can play with this though by setting the action profiles to use verification and set the confidence really high and compare with it set very low. Tweak to your liking.

The only time I find myself resetting rtk is when I'm doing topo with quick unverified shots. I'm watching the dtl and if it disagrees with my expected value I reset rtk.
I sympathize with your question here. Every time a GNSS receiver gets “stuck” thinking about its solution I remember back in school about the enormous equation it’s trying to boil down...that helps with my patience... but, sometimes I just have that sense that it’s cranking on the wrong numbers. That’s when I try to hit these reset buttons.

I will say that sometimes I do it a couple times in a row. Like if I’m stuck in phase 1...say I’ve got one group I really like and I believe it’s the right position...Maybe already agreeing with a verified shot. I’ll hit the reset when it just gets stuck looking at other answers...hoping it will come back to the one I want... sometimes it works... but mostly I’ll just say it feels good to be doing “something”.

This kind of reflects back on some other threads about letting the user choose a group that can be... maybe not “forced” but “asked” to move on to phase 2. That would be nice to have a little more control of that...

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I have found after collecting a lot of data throughout the day in different terrain and vegetation that a system reboot will help and speed things up when the receiver is seemingly laboring too much
or stuck.