Reset Factory Image - Step by Step - Play by Play

Nate The Surveyor

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Unit is off.
Press on.
As it is turning on, a little HOUSE appears on the lower side of the screen.
Press the HOUSE Hardware button immediately, before the booting continues.

Menu shows up, you can either "Reset Factory Image",
Continue Booting.

Press "Reset Factory Image".

It will confirm "Reset Factory Image", Y/N? Press YES.

Then you get 3 options.

Network Setting,
Software Settings, and
Software Recovery. (Press this one)

Now, 3 items come up.
Leave it on Linux.
And, press the LOAD button.

It will now update and refresh LINUX, J-Field, GeoData, and Fonts. This will take from 5 min to 15 min, depending on how many jobs are in your unit.
At the end, it will RE-Boot, as though you just turned it on.

Now, this is NOT a FULL install, like in a new unit. it cleans up alot of the HIDDEN variables, and left over "Trash" from every day use.

Install factory image does not not delete any jobs. Does not change settings. It does a basic clean up.



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Nate or Steve need some help. Using the play by play you have here to restore factory image. I get to the 3 options (network settings, software settings and software recovery screen and I press the screen on the software recovery and nothing happens. Tried several times quick tap and long hold. No dice. I am sure I am missing some step or something. Any help would be appreciated. Mike


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Just did the restore factory reset. The important thing is connecting the LS+ to the ethernet cable for internet connection. I then followed the instructions and everything went as the step by step says it should do. Hopefully this clear up the little glitches we have been having recently. Thanks for the help guys. Mike


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Nate, it is all good. Took the LS+ out for test run on one we did other day that had bad cell signal and ended up using the total station (patio home postage stamp size lot) base took a while to acquire signal but was getting corrections at LS+ today. The other day cell disconnected satellites dropping to 8 up to 15 and driving me crazy. Today after factory reset satellites 20+ and cell stayed connected. Will do this reset now on a regular basis. Thank you for the help. Mike